Foxtel has attracted a bit of attention lately, some good some not so. With the launch of their 4K channel causing plenty of interest, so too has the decision to increase prices in the Foxtel Now packages. While there are price increases happening, it’s all the more important to take advantage of Foxtel inclusions that you might not be aware of. Introducing Stingray Music, the app that allows you to stream all the music channels offered by Foxtel.

Lots of people love the music channel offering on Foxtel. Their music line up has been around for what seems like forever and really was the first kind of music streaming that people have been offered, well before Spotify and Apple Music came along. Now you can stream these channels anywhere you have data or Wi-Fi from your smartphone or tablet.

Setting it all up is easy, download the app from the app store and create a Stingray account. From there, you will be able to link your Foxtel account to it. It’s simply a matter of tuning your Foxtel box to one of the music channels and allowing your phone to listen to the music from the TV, it then authorises you to stream the Foxtel content.

So instead of having to turn the TV on to listen to your favourite Foxtel music channels, now it’s simply a case of streaming from the app to your Bluetooth speakers.

Well worth a look if you don’t need the option of choosing your own songs and just happy to listen to a selection of music. The best part is it’s already included in your Foxtel set top box subscription.