Finally, The Grand Tour is back

Ever since Amazon Prime Video launched in Australia, it would be fair to say that the most exciting part about it was the ability to watch Jeremy, Richard and James drive the most amazing cars in the most amazing places. Season one was a roaring success leaving us wondering what that other show was even called…

Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

In season two things have been improved and tweaked based on audience feedback. We’ve seen the first episode before the public and have some words for you… you’re gonna love it.

The first episode sees the boys in the familiar large tent however it is now in England based very closely to Jeremy’s house so the lazy sod doesn’t need to travel far each week. More importantly, James May has had a haircut leaving a grey doormat style hair-do and Hammond seems the exact same.

Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

The episode sees the team travel to Switzerland to drive the past, present and future cars – namely a Lamborghini Aventador, a Honda NSX and the Rimac Concept One. A V12, a hybrid and a fully electric car respectively, it does make things rather interesting in how they perform and how capable they are for road trips.

Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

The celebrities dying and not appearing on the show has been scrapped and replaced with a face-off between like-minded people, in this case two talk show hosts. The face-off involves a timed lap in a not very reasonably priced car, the Jaguar F-Type, and around a mixed terrain circuit. This is one of the great changes they’ve made to this season and you’ll enjoy the conversation and the hot laps.

One bloke we didn’t see in episode one was the American. The team didn’t test any one car for this opportunity to come up so perhaps this will be known later whether the track tests will still be done.

Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Anyone close to the show will know that during season two there was a large accident involving Richard Hammond and you won’t need to wait long to catch the story behind it.

For anyone who has missed season one, you’ll be able to binge every episode on Amazon Prime Video and go week to week for season two. It’s the only way to watch The Grand Tour from December 8th and if all the episodes are like the first then we’ll all be in for a real treat.

How do you watch it? It really is very simple: 1.Get an Amazon Prime Video subscription here. Sign up for a 7 day free trial 2.Watch anywhere, anytime on Mobile, Laptop, TV, gaming consoles. You can even download for offline viewing whilst on the go.