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Got a tech question? Looking for advice on what to buy, how to fix it or need someone to sort out that pesky problem you’re having with a tech company? EFTM’s Trevor Long is here to help.

Post your question below, Trevor will answer as many as possible right here at (In specific articles, do not post your new questions in the comments!). If he can’t help, he’ll find someone who can!

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Ask Trev: Laptop Replacement

Email from Ellen from Chifley, NSW I’ve been using an ASUS laptop, intel pentium, Windows 7, since October 2011. I have replaced the battery once, about 18 months ago. I use the computer primarily to finish off a manuscript which at the moment is 300 pages (on Office). Other than that I use Google and […]

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Ask Trev: Home Security

Email from James in Canning Vale, WA Hi Trevor. I’m looking at buying a doorbell/camera for security at home and was wondering what your thoughts were on what is the best buy. I purchased a Uniden Guardian but it doesn’t work through glass and I’m not keen on mounting it outside for fear it will […]

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Ask Trev: Wireless Headphones for TV Listening

Email from Ian from Somerville, VIC Trevor, I am looking to buy Bluetooth over the ear headphones for watching TV, not wireless, with low latency or no latency, is there any headphones on the market that would suit me? Trev says:  Going wireless is the best way – for sure, because you have range and […]

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Ask Trev: Mitsubishi Lancer won’t recognise my Bluetooth phone

Email from Glenn in Seven Hills, NSW Glenn says: “G’day Trevor, The Bluetooth hands free on my 2010 Lancer will not recognise any device. I have tried multiple phones with no result. The bloke at Mitsubishi shrugged. Thanks mate.” Trev Says: Fascinating.  I would always ask you to try multiple devices, to eliminate your phone […]

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Ask Trevor: Is there an iPhone SE 2 coming out?

Email from Frank in Brighton Le Sands NSW Frank Says: Hi Trevor ,miss you on 2ue .tech question been answered by u where great and informative ,how can I listen to you and learn ,what a bloody shame ,can you let me know on what programm are u on now please ,regards frank ,PS do […]

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Ask Trevor: Recommendations on ORBI WiFi Systems

Email from Bruce in Dundas Valley, NSW. 1. I am looking at purchasing an ORBI WiFi system either the (RBK40) AC2200 or the (RBK50) AC3000 to improve my wireless coverage and wireless speed – which ORBI product or product model should I purchase. 2. I currently have a Nighthawk M1 4GX Gigabit LTE Mobile Router and […]

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Ask Trevor: Devices disconnect from the internet – Do I need a new modem?

Email from Brian in Marsden Park, NSW. Brian says “I’m finding that occasionally my pcs and phones become disconnected from my router modem, it’s pretty new, but it’s the one I bought when I connected to the NBN. I’m on FTTP, connected with Aussie Broadband (after listening to your show). Do you recommend upgrading to […]

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