Steve Jobs is set to take the stage for a Keynote in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning our time.

It’s anticipated (expected) that the next iPhone will be announed. This time, interestingly, we’ve already seen it. We know a little about it.

For my thoughts – read on:Here’s my thoughts off the top of the head about what we will likely see based on what we’ve seen in leaks:

  • Confirmed:
    • Front Facing camera
    • Sleek new design (squared edges instead of the rounded style)
    • Flat back (not the curved currently)
    • MicroSIM slot
    • iPhone OS 4 (with Multi-Tasking etc)
  • My Thoughts:
    • Radically fast processor
    • Game-Changing Battery Life
    • Impressive new screen

So, frankly, I could care less about the Front Facing camera. Video calling has been around for years and years. I’ve used it – as a gimmick. Never as a real life tool.

The new design sits well with me, it suits the new iPad design with squared edges, as with the MacBooks.

MicroSIM is fine, except if you (like me) change phones now and then – the Micro SIM won’t fit your other phones.

iPhone OS 4 looks good, multi-tasking enough to keep people happy, and folder based icon/app storage to make keeping organised easier.

Onto my predictions. The processor will rock our world – the iPad is fast, expect the new generation phone to be suitably fast.

The Battery Life on all Smartphones is shocking. Apple will kick some goals here if they can fix that. The iPad goes ok, but if you use it a lot, it can chew down, so while I’d LOVE this, I’m just not sure it can be pulled off..

And the screen. Expect this to be a much higher (some say double) resolution. This will bring it in line with some HTC models which are just stunning.

And finally.. the name… I can’t imagine it being the 4G – that name wouldn’t make sense in markets where there is no 4G wireless. Sprint in the US has 4G, but not much!

I’d suggest if it is 4G you’ll see “4th Generation” referred to. I’d prefer the name HD, or just iPhone again – it has a new look, no need to give it a tag like the 3G got.

Can’t wait to see what is announced.