EFTM is committed to accuracy in all its published content.  As such we welcome feedback from our readers in all forms.

Additionally, if there is a concern about the factual accuracy of any content, the balance or lack thereof for any content or the ethics of our reporting, we have a direct approach to complaints handling available for all to access.

As a small business, we place a large amount of trust in our writers and contributors to ensure they make any declarations to the editorial leader regarding any commercial disclosures that might be required relating to any personal conflicts of interest, or disclosures required (particularly with regard to funding of travel and event coverage).

The Editor checks all articles for the appearance of any conflict or imbalance.  If discovered, the writer is questioned, validation of any concerns resolved and any conflict disclosed within the article in a clear bold updated text.  Future articles by that writer are placed in a vetting process prior to publication for a period of one month.

Reader concerns about Bias in reporting, questions of ethics, conflicts of interest or general complains about our published content are welcomed via direct communication with our editorial team.

These concerns can be emailed to editor @ eftm .com, or put in writing to:

The Editor,
Unit 31, 7 Sefton Road,
Thornleigh NSW 2120.

Our commitment is to acknowledge in writing any complaint within 7 days of receipt, and a full response to any concerns raised within 30 days of that acknowledgment of receipt.

Quality and accuracy are first and foremost in our minds when reporting newsworthy content and when publishing opinion-based reviews.  We encourage all our readers to reach out with any concerns they have at any time.