This week Dell flew me to Melbourne to a secret location for the launch of something very interesting.

Not knowing what was coming, but knowing this was all about the Gaming brand Alienware – it was hard to think this was going to be new product – we’ve recently seen all the new gear from Alienware, so perhaps this was an event to showcase it all in one place.

That’s about spot on, but what we experienced was something really stunning, and it’s coming to a city near you.

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Alienware is a brand with a pure gaming heritage – these are high performance machines made to be the best in PC gaming.

On show were the entire Alienware range, 4 laptops and 2 desktops, but it was the Area 52 Airstream we were there to see.

As you can see in the video above, this was a stunning event, but to demonstrate the power of Alienware PC’s, the Alienware team enlisted the help of a group of special effects designers from Boffswana who developed a ‘Vivid Sydney’ style lighting display, projected onto a vast wall with a blank caravan canvas in front acting as the ‘Area 52 Airstream’ caravan which simply came to life during the display.

Add to that some special effects like smoke and flames, plus some live action teams running around with guns and flares and you’ve got a mix between Vivid Sydney and Cirque du Soleil which really left an impression on me.

The Airstream is simply put a caravan – but, its a modern day take on the old style tin van which has been re-formed and refitted to include a bench of 4 laptops, and at the end of the van a huge PC for gaming.

Coming to Sydney for three months from the end of July, starting at Circular Quay, then World Square then Westfield Bondi Junction the Airstream is a hands on experience with the Alienware range.

I’ve no doubt it will tour the entire country after that.

Alienware are launching a YouTube channel soon on which the full ‘movie’ of this amazing ‘Live Dimension Reality Experience’ which I got to see during the week – Keep your eyes out for that.