With all the dramas of late with the News of the World ‘Hacking’ scandal, it’s probably high time you changed your voicemail PIN number.

Most people probably still have the default PIN, which in most cases is standard (0000, or the last digits of your phone number), however, we don’t think to change it, because we rarely use it!

You see the PIN is only required when you call into your voicemail from another line, say your home or work line.

When you dial from your mobile phone itself, you get straight in (it knows who you are!)

So, click continue reading for instructions on how to change YOUR Voicemail PIN!

Note: Telstra have confirmed to me that they do NOT issue default Mobile Voicemail PIN numbers, the user must set that up when creating this account.  This avoids the hacking that has caused the ‘News of the World’ issues. It’s a great initiative, and should be standard.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to check all of these details below, so please – let me know if there are any changes to the below.

With Telstra:

1: Dial 101 to call MessageBank. You can also hold down the 1 key on most mobile phones to call MessageBank.
2: Once you’ve accessed MessageBank, press 3 for Mailbox Set Up.
3: Press 3 for PIN.
4: Enter your new 6 digit PIN, then press #.
5: Hang up.

With Optus:
1. Access VoiceMail box (Dial 321)
2. Press 8 for User Options
3. Press 4 for Setup Options
4. Press 7 to change your PIN
5. Enter your new PIN followed by the # (hash) key. Your PIN will then be replayed to you, once you have confirmed your new PIN, you will be returned to the main menu.

With Vodafone:
1. Dial 121 (standard call charges apply)
2. From the main menu, press 3 for Personal Preferences
3. Press 2 to change your security code preferences
4. Follow the voice prompts to change your security code