Need a new panel for your man cave? Have a bit of cash lying around? You need one of these – the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 10. And lucky for you, B&O has just added some new colours.

The limited edition Chanterelle (just 500 worldwide) is available in 46-inch while black comes in 32, 40 and 46-inch (but you’re going to want the 46-inch, of course). The BeoVision 10 looks like an artwork for real men.

Hang it up or use the stand to place it on the floor for that minimalist approach, the BeoVision 10 will eradicate the need for any artwork in the room you place it. Spec? Pah! Who cares, it’s good. The end result is that you’re not going to walk into one of the B&O showrooms and say “tell me, sir, what is the refresh rate on this panel, as I have my eye on a fetching Toshiba and could swing either way…” (no offence Toshiba, or any other mainstream brand for that matter). You buy a B&O for the statement it makes – needless to say, at the price, it comes with some pretty cool technology, such as a self maintaining screen that can monitor dead pixels for you and tell you when it needs a visit from Dr TV.

Serious about the 46-incher? Then get a load of this from the press release:

“BeoVision 10-46 is a full HD TV with a LED-based, 200/240 Hz LCD panel with impressive picture performance applying the absolute latest picture improvement technologies. The 200/240 Hz technology combined with sophisticated motion compensation technologies take the motion performance of the LCD panel to a yet unseen level of smoothness.

“Besides a fantastic picture, the slim beauty offers an impressive sound performance as well. BeoVision 10-46 has an integrated stereo speaker placed below the screen and covered by a fabric front. It offers integrated surround sound and DVB-HD module, electronic curtains and an extensive connection panel allowing you to add up to five extra speakers for a surround sound setup if needed.”

You gotta love the PR spin, but for the most part, it’s true. And now for the figure that will cripple your credit card.

Price: From $8,550 to $14,650
Web: Bang & Olufsen