Lego is the kind of toy that you never truly grow out of. Sure, you may take a break from it during adolescence, but when you hit maturity and have kids, the joy of building with those little blocks comes back with force. Life of George is the company’s attempt to keep you hooked forever…

At its core, Life of George is like a Lego board game, except instead of a board you have an iPhone app. The game comes with a board, some Lego bricks and a free iPhone app. Each round, the app displays a picture you can make using the supplied bricks – you then have to make it, and use the iPhone’s camera to take a photo to see just how well you did. Points are then awarded based on accuracy and speed.

There are 12 levels of increasing difficulty, which can be played solo or against someone else. The only downside is that the game board pack isn’t available in Australia yet, although the app is available via iTunes. Still, some industrious searching could see the game delivered from overseas in time for Christmas.

Price: $US23
Web: Lego
Via: MacWorld