Most of us are probably unlikely to ever partake in a triathlon, but if you’re ever overcome by an overwhelming desire to run, swim and cycle your way to exhaustion, make sure you have a Garmin Forerunner 910XT strapped to your wrist.

The reason is simple – the GPS-enabled device tracks pretty much everything you need to monitor while pushing your body to the limit. Distance, speed, elevation and heart rate while running and cycling are all closely monitored, as are distance, stroke identification, stroke count and pool lengths measured for swimming. The 910XT can even measure your swimming efficiency, to discover just how well you’re performing in the water.

Impressively, the Forerunner can track different activities in a single session, so triathletes can get detailed logs of their performance across each leg of their triathlon. Optional accessories also allow the device to transition from watch to bike quickly and easily.

On top of all that, Garmin has introduced the ability to compete against other athletes times, or even your own PB, by syncing your results with the Garmin Connect community.

Priced at $399 – or $449 bundled with a Garmin heart rate monitor – and featuring a 20-hour battery life, it’s the kind of gadget that will appeal to a niche of athletic, fit men and women, but offers such comprehensive analytical data that you’d be crazy to do any exercise without it…

Price: $399
Web: Garmin