Put Ben Stiller alongside Eddie Murphy and you’ve got fun.  Add Matthew Broderick, Alan Alda and a host of other well known names and you ice the fun cake with deliciousness that is comedy flavoured.

Ok, so the Ferris Bueller link is tenuous, Matthew Broderick stars and there is a vehicular reference which I won’t spoil – the Ocean’s 11 link though is easier to justify.  In Tower Heist a group of blokes gather to pull off a heist that seems impossible. Described as an action-comedy, the basic plot sees blue-collar hotel workers seeking revenge over the penthouse dwelling Wall St billionaire who swindled them out of their retirement savings in a Bernie Madoff style investment loss.

The three employees join forces with a low level criminal to plot to steal millions from the billionaire. Car nuts will enjoy the appearance of a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, a vehicle which plays a key role in the film (it’s part of the Ferris Bueller reference) but for lovers of fine cars the back story to the car is something we’ll write more about once you’ve seen the movie!

Eddie Murphy plays a key, yet smaller role in the bulk of the movie, but it is classic Eddie Murphy – he really makes the whole thing come together with his slapstick comedy style. Working alongside Ben Stiller there seems to be a real chemistry there, I can imagine the two of them working together again after this one. A great story, spoiled a little by some stretched reality which makes you lose any sense it could really happen though if that’s of any importance to you. If you enjoy a good fast paced plot and a decent yet subtle laugh along the way, you’ll love Tower Heist.

You’ll be comfortable watching this one with your mates or the missus – either way, you’ll enjoy it.

Rated: To Be Classified

Released: Boxing Day (26 December) 2011