Anyone looking to sign up to Internet TV service Fetch TV in the near future would do well to check out Internode, who has just announced a price cut for all their Fetch TV packages. Cheaper Pay TV FTW!

The ISP has slashed as much as a third from the monthly subscription price, with the full service dropping from $30 a month to $20 a month, and the Lite service dropping from $15 to $10. It’s also cut the price of the set-top box outright from $399 to $299.

While the selection of channels on Fetch isn’t quite as wide or as comprehensive as Foxtel, it’s also significantly cheaper. The fact the full service includes 30 movies a month in the price is pretty sweet though.

The price change will officially switch over on November 23, but Internode has promised that anyone signing up now will get the new pricing as well.

Who’s interested?

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