We’ve seen a lot of iAccessories here at CES this week, including a gazillion iPad and iPhone cases and about a million stylus or pointer devices.  One such stylus stands out from the rest, the Jot Pro.

Forget the 3M “Smart Pen” – it’s a dumb pen with an even dumber name (ouch, bitchy Trev – Damo).  The Jot Pro from Adonit is the bees knees of pens for iPad. And I say pen intentionally. It feels like a pen, and writes like a pen.

The Jot Pro and its sister products are pens down to the point but with a small circular tip that allows the pen to float across the screen. The writing is smooth and as good as many purpose-built tablets with handwriting stylus. Well worth checking out if you’re looking for a good sketch pen or note taker.

Web: Jot Pro

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