It’s amazing how far we’ve come isn’t it?  Back in the day if you weren’t at home or near a big TV, you’re best option was one of those little CASIO handheld TV’s or the radio.  Today, your phone or tablet can likely do the job for you.

This New Year test against India at the SCG has been stunning.  A return to form from Ricky Ponting and a Century, a Triple Century to new captain Michael Clarke and a century to Michael Hussey.  So where did you watch it?

I noticed yesterday on the Logitech Facebook page a great setup using the Logitech speaker stand with the iPad mounted streaming the Cricket (using a paid season pass no doubt) via the new Vodafone Cricket Australia Live app.

Cricket Live app on a Logitech Speaker Stand

It’s an outstanding app really, another great example was a mate of mine Matt Sun who works at MX newspaper in Sydney – he posted a pic of his iPad poolside while using that very same app.

Matt Sun watching the Cricket poolside

I love how technology is making sport more accessible to us, and even more interactive too with the Vodafone Viewers Verdict features as well as the great social interaction on Twitter.

So, how are you watching the cricket this summer?