LG kicked off the announcements for 2012 at the Consumer Electronics Show with some innovative TVs and mobile phones – but it was the fridge that caught the attention of many at the show.

LG's 2012 Smart Fridge

Your next fridge (should you choose a 2012 LG Smart model) might just have an innovative new Blast Chiller function.  Cooling a warm can of drink in just five minutes. Bloody good for hot Aussie days, especially if you live in Adelaide.

Throw two cans in there, or a bottle of wine and you’re ready to go in just eight minutes.

Sure, these fridges have other innovative features like tracking your food, integrating scanned shopping receipts, providing you with menus based on only the foods you have in the fridge and communicating cooking times to your LG Oven – but surely a cold can of drink is the most important thing?

Gimmick or innovation? Potentially depends on where you live. LG might have a hard time getting the Canadians in the Circle to love this…

Trevor Long is currently at CES 2012 in Las Vegas