Pretty much every TV you buy these days has the ability to stream entertainment from the Internet, but what content you get depends on what brand of TV you buy. Panasonic today has announced it is adding BigPond Movies and QuickFlix to its 2011 and 2012 Viera TV models.

Launching through the Viera Connect service, BigPond Movies will bring Telstra’s massive range of over 4000 movies and TV shows to Panasonic televisions from this year and last year’s models, with unmetered viewing for BigPond broadband customers.

Quickflix, meanwhile, will launch next week, bringing the ability to watch unlimited movies from a selection of a few hundred films for a monthly subscription fee.

These new services join Panasonic’s internet TV services like ABC iView, Yahoo!7’s PLUS7 and Facebook and Twitter integration.

On top of that, Panasonic’s 2012 lineup features intelligent networking features that lets you stream content to and from tablets and smartphones using dedicated iOS or Android applications. The apps also let you watch live or pre-recorded TV on your tablet, which is all kinds of convenient around the home, although it’s limited to three devices, including other TVs.

Web: Panasonic