Brewing beer is a science. A complicated science. Sometimes it works, and other times it doesn’t. So we’re fully behind the new Perfect Lager Project, which is crowdsourcing opinions to try and make the perfect beer.

Thanks to the proliferations of smartphones and apps, the Perfect Lager Project has a convenient way of sourcing opinions on different beers. By gathering information from an abundance of iPhone using beer drinkers who rate every beer they drink using the iOS app, the brewers behind the project are hoping to be able to reverse engineer the finest lager the world has ever seen.

Naturally, the more people who use the app and provide ratings of not just the beers they drink, but also the situation they enjoy it, the better the end result of the beer will be.

Or at least, that’s the promise. The final product is set to arrive some time in June, so it’s not too long a wait to find out whether it will actually end up as the “perfect lager”.

Web: The Perfect Lager Project, iTunes