Fans of the hit TV show Seinfeld will be well aware of the “Pensky file” – George Costanza is left to work on the file at a new job, and does absolutely nothing. It’s a term that has since become part of the “urban dictionary” for essentially doing nothing at work.

So how would you feel if someone working in your office sent an email to all 500 staff which ended by saying “Since 1998, I was present but not really there. So I’m going to be well prepared for retirement — Adieu”

According to the Daily Mail The German man worked at the local council and has since been approached by the local newspapers for comment, which he has declined to do. The local Mayor has been quoted as saying that “This kind of behaviour is very worrying”.

Needless to say, the position he once held has since been made redundant.

It’s a classic sign off from work, and an outstanding record for working on the “Pensky file”.

Via: The Daily Mail