Hamburger-loving Sydneysiders, check this out. One Sydney man is looking for someone to taste 10 burgers in 10 days and report back on the results – and he’s putting $500 toward it. Interested?

AirTasker is a website which allows people short on time to get other keen people to do their chores for them and pay a fee. The blokes behind AirTasker are becoming renowned for using their startup cash on fun stunts to benefit their own curiosity and at the same time generate awareness for Airtasker.

CEO Tim Fung has proposed this relatively straightforward task, saying: “I’m a burger fanatic and I’m searching for the best burger in the Sydney.” So, to find that burger he’s offering “$500 and all expenses upfront to taste 10 burgers in 10 days!”

But it’s not just any burgers, Tim has a plan – he want’s to know about the burgers at these fine establishments:

  • Charlie and Co
  • Grill’d
  • Burgerlicious
  • Burgerman
  • 4 in Hand
  • Rockpool
  • The Burger Joint
  • Burger Fuel
  • Moo
  • “The Wildcard” – you choose!

What? Maccas no good for you mate?

Seriously though, if you love food, its a cracking idea… Testing a burger at Rockpool? That’s awesome. EFTM would like to see the wildcard include a nice suburban local burger shop. Let’s see how they shape up!

Web: Airtasker