May is going to be a Payne-ful one for gamers, with Rockstar unleashing the long-awaited third game in the iconic Max Payne franchise. Also, Diablo 3 and some future Tom Clancy action.

Max Payne 3

How far Max Payne has fallen. Rockstar has taken over the Max Payne mantle from original developers Remedy, and sent the one-time hero to South America as private security. Addicted to painkillers and booze, Max is quickly thrown in the deep end when his boss’ wife is kidnapped. Featuring wild bullet-time gunfights and the same dark, gritty storyline that underlined the two previous Max Payne games, this is classic Payne painted with Rockstar’s delicate brush. If you enjoy third person shooters, this is a must.

Format: Xbox 360, PS3
Should I buy it?
If your only experience with Max Payne is the dreadful Marky Mark movie, buy this to learn what the man is truly about.

Diablo 3

After years and years of anticipation, Diablo fans will finally get to experience the third part in this iconic game franchise this month. With a massive world made up of randomised 3D environments and filled with evil creatures to battle, Diablo 3 promises some epic challenges to PC and Mac gamers. The ability to buy and sell your loot in real world currency also opens up the door for all those people wanting to make money from gaming…

Format: PC, Mac
Should I buy it?
Oh, yes. Diablo changed PC gaming, and Diablo 3 looks set to suck away hours of your life in the battle of good versus evil. How can you say no to that?

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Elite soldiers with revolutionary prototype weapons and armour try and stop a global war. It’s nothing revolutionary in the narrative department, but it does look to offer some interesting developments on the traditional war-time shooter. With cloaking abilities and high tech battles, as well as impressive co-op and multiplayer modes, Future Soldier promises to be one of the most impressive Tom Clancy inspired games to date.

Format: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Should I buy it?
If you’ve enjoyed Tom Clancy games in the past, this is a no-brainer.