The hot hatch segment in Australia has never been healthier. But not everyone can afford to get in on the meaty hot hatches. For those that can’t, there is the Volkswagen Polo GTi, Skoda Fabia RS, Suzuki Swift Sport and now the Ford Fiesta Metal.

We’ve always been fans of the look and feel of the Fiesta. It is one of the sweetest driving small cars and the 1.6 litre Duratec engine is more than a good match for it. In terms of space and comfort, you can’t ask for too much more from a small car. Except if you’re a man who likes a bit of power. While the Fiesta always drove well, it wouldn’t give you a kick up the backside.

That’s until now with the introduction of the Ford Fiesta Metal. The mean looking three door car comes with a power boost that gives you 98kW of grunt from the Duratec engine. Not bloody bad at all – in fact, the Fiesta Metal is closing up on Suzuki Swift numbers there, which itself just got a power injection with the new model.

To add to the sporty feel of the car you also get alloy pedals, dual exhaust and seriously slick looking black alloy wheels. This truly is a city car that we would want to be seen driving in and is somewhat practical as well.

The Ford Fiesta Metal also gets a injection of tech, too. There is push start for those too lazy to stick a key in a hole. You get Bluetooth connectivity with voice control and a pretty mean looking dash that lights up orange. One bit of tech you don’t get, unlike the Volkswagen Polo GTi, is an automatic gearbox. This one is manual all the way and we can’t thank Ford enough for it.

Before you go running down to the dealership though, bare in mind two things. It’s still front wheel drive, and there are very limited numbers available. 250 in fact, and all come in panther black metallic paint – which is fine by us!

Oh, right, and the best bit. At $22,990 plus on roads, it’s one of the cheapest way to get some thrills.

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