AFL Rd 3 - Collingwood v Carlton

When we pulled together $6,000 worth of fantastic prizes we didn’t just want to give it away, we wanted to find out once and for all what was Australia’s favourite sport. The results might just surprise you.

So, was it AFL? Or NRL? Or maybe badminton? Over 1,000 people took the time to explain their favourite sport to us and why.

We always knew it would be a battle of the codes, and this time round, AFL was the winner. 18.8% of entries mentioned AFL (or mentioned “Footy” and were from the southern states). NRL was a close second with 15.4% of the vote.

To our surprise (and a little delight we have to say) Motorsport came in third with 12.8%.

Football (Most commonly in our entries called Soccer) was fourth with 7.8% with cricket and tennis rounding out the key sports with 5.7% and 4.3% respectively.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given our love for creativity, there were at least two people who suggested their “bedroom” activities were a favourite sport of theirs. Beard growing, ghosting, Wii Sports, drinking, yabbie catching and roller derby were up there for unique but we’ve pulled together the editorial team here at EFTM to narrow it down to just one who caught our eye.

John Staley From Moe in Victoria seems to know a bit more than the average person about the fine art of cheese rolling.

Cheese rolling, it’s so technical, you must have the right consistency cheese so it doesn’t fall apart at extreme revolution, perfectly round to reduce rolling friction, the right flavour, because if you loose, you can always eat your entry.

John, we take our hat off to you and are delighted to say you’ve won yourself over $6,000 worth of fantastic prizes from the good people at Lenovo, Kogan, Sony Playstation, Casio, and Ferrari by Logic 3.

We’ll be in touch to get all your details mate!

Thanks to everyone for entering, we’ll have another great competition very soon!