Well, it seems “I told you so” seems to be the case today after Kogan Mobile yesterday announced a $10 per month increase in the price of its most popular Mobile plan. After an eight month discounted ride those choosing to stay with Kogan will be looking at a new deal as of August 1.

The writing has been on the wall for a little while now with Ruslan Kogan having to endure a court case just to keep the supply of SIM cards going with the Telstra wholesaler in the centre of the deal that really shook the mobile market up at the end of last year.

It’s likely both the wholesaler (ISPOne) and Telstra were taken by surprise by both the prices Kogan Mobile were offering and the take up rate which followed. As a result we expect Kogan’s team have been banging heads with ISPone over recent months to forge out a longer term deal that will keep Kogan Mobile operating while also ensuring ISPOne remains viable and making money from the deal. Without this price rise it’s possible someone in that value chain might have lost a heck of a lot of money.

Kogan's email to Kogan Mobile customers

Kogan’s email to Kogan Mobile customers

Kogan yesterday advised customers via email of the price hike which has not gone down so well with many customers based on the emails I’ve received thus far.

However, it did have to happen, even my original story about Kogan mobile had the pricing at $32 per month, the problem for Ruslan Kogan is the words “introductory pricing” were not commonly used so customers expected this price to stay.

Well, we were wrong. $39 is the new $29, and with Amaysim playing in that same price tier and Aldi operating slightly cheaper at $35 we’ve still got a very competitive and frankly very low cost option for those looking for the convenience of these “unlimited” style plans.

New Kogan Mobile prices as of August 1 2014

New Kogan Mobile prices as of August 1 2014

A quick tip for current Kogan users – if you’re loving the service and want the best price – sign up today for the 365 access at the old price of $299.