It’s a pretty common complaint – battery life on most smartphones just can’t keep up with just how much we want to use them. So it’s hard to get a full day of solid use out of that very important device you take with you everywhere. This creates the need for the portable charger, and Smarter Charger have just released their “SmartOne” – EFTM takes a look

Smarter Charger Smart One

Smarter Charger Smart One

About the size of a PEZ dispenser, the SmartOne comes in a range of colours, but importantly it’s small enough to keep with you in the bottom of your bag or even your pocket when you know you’re going to use it.

Walking the floors of a huge convention like CES every year I’ve seen the need for a bit of extra juice during the day. Emails, Facebook and Twitter are all using powerful mobile transmission which sucks your battery down, so being able to plug it in for a charge makes all the difference.

Smarter Charger Smart One - Range of colours

Smarter Charger Smart One – Range of colours

Apart from the small form factor and colourful design, the SmartOne also comes with one nifty feature – a multi point cable. Fitting USB to almost any size device charge point you’ll be able to give some juice to your phone, camera or portable WiFi hotspot with ease.

The SmartOne does come with a 30pin to lightning dock connector for iPhone 5, however in our tests it failed to work. For iPhone 5 users we recommend you continue to carry your standard lightning dock cable with you which will plug straight into your SmartOne and give you another full battery charge.

Smarter Charger Smart One - Inside the box

Smarter Charger Smart One – Inside the box

Simple, easy to use and a nice design. SmartOne retails at $29.95 and is available online or at retail stores (including some of your corner convenience stores)

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