New look number plates coming to NSW roads – The Art Range from MyPlates

Since the NSW roads department handed control and licence for the personalised plates in 2010 to a marketing company operating under the name myPlates we’ve seen some very cool innovation in the design and format of the plates you’ll see out on the road – this month a new Art Range hits the road for those looking for something a little different.

The Art Range of plates uses the same letter and number combinations currently available on personalised plates, and puts them on a new stylish background.

There are six backgrounds or theme’s to choose with recognisable graphics like the rose & skull, paisley and even butterflies.

Tribal Sun

Tribal Sun

Tribal Sun, which is a red graphic on a black plate with white letters

Grey Thorns

Grey Thorns

Grey Thorns, a subtle grey graphic on a black plate with white letters

Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Dark Angel, which has a colourful butterfly pattern in the top left and bottom right corner of the plate, on a black plate with white letters



Ink’d, which is a rose and skull design on a black plate with white letters

Twisted Paisley

Twisted Paisley

Twisted Paisley, showing a red/pink/orange paisley pattern in the corners of a black plate with white letters

Flaming Rose

Flaming Rose

Flaming Rose, a Red plate with a subtle rose in the background behind black letters.

The Art Range plates will set you back $295 on order, plus the annual fee (Between $99 and $440).

If you’ve got an existing personalised plate, you can order a new plate from the Art Range and pay the order price, and keep your current annual fee (Some people don’t pay an annual fee because they got their personalised plates before the annual fees were introduced)

You can order them online at myPlates

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