Blokes know that from time to time (or more often perhaps) we get mixed messages from the women in our lives. For those out on the single scene perhaps you’re trying a different approach to the facial hair week on week, so one wonders – just which is better? To shave or not to shave – that is the question!

Speaking as a bloke who’s chosen to run with a constant face of stubble but who is also married, it’s not something that worries me to much. I have however noticed an increase in the number of blokes choosing to rock the five o’clock shadow in recent months.

Gillette decided to conduct a survey to see just what women preferred. And, as in life – the result was one heck of a mixed message.

54% of Australian women have told their partner that his stubble is attractive or sexy – so you’re thinking “ok, let this thing grow” – but wait – 75% of Australian women in a relationship believe the irritation of kissing their partner with stubble actually outweighs the attractiveness of their partner with stubble.

So if we’re reading that right – stubble will get the woman, but she’ll be turned off when you go in for a kiss – give me a break!

Not sure what the advice is as a result, other than perhaps taking a razor with you to the nightclub so you can give them the best of both worlds.