They say making the sequel to any successful blockbuster is one of the hardest things to do, and there’s no doubt that applies across movies and games.  So when Angry Birds hits the App Store with something new, everyone takes notice, and everyone has a judgement.

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic

There have been many version of Angry Birds over the years – the original was a simple concept, two dimensional level, a few birds available as “weapons” to place in a slingshot and destroy the pigs, and the level constructed around them.

Versions since have been basically thematic versions of the same thing, from seasonal events to Star Wars branding the concept of the level, the slingshot and the birds remained relatively intact.  Until now.

Angry Birds Epic brings you “characters” you’re familiar with – the different birds, the different pigs and places them in a whole new environment.

Level gameplay in Angry Birds Epic

Level gameplay in Angry Birds Epic

Each level is multi-dimensional, and the whole concept changes to more like a “Role Playing Game” or RPG – where you have the chance to mix and build your weaponry and skills through rewards to help you fight the pigs off faster and harder.

But you know what?  It’s disappointing.  For people with loads of time to play games you’ll love it, and you’ll probably get suckered into the in-app purchases to help speed up your advance through the game.

Tempting in-app purchases - Angry Birds Epic

Tempting in-app purchases – Angry Birds Epic

However, at the heart of Angry Birds for me, and I think for many, was the mind-numbing simplicity of just shooting birds with slingshots, using a bit of geometry to work out the angles of fire and so on, but broadly a very simple game to pass time and keep the mind active – perhaps while in the waiting room at the Dentist.

I don’t have the time or head space to over-think a simple mobile game.  Personally, I’d prefer they stuck to the original plan and concept – no doubt I’ll be the lone voice here though as the game rockets to number one in the app store by virtue of its “free” price tag – just be wary of those in-app purchases though.

Oh, and look out for the in-app ads too!

In-App advertising - Angry Birds Epic

In-App advertising – Angry Birds Epic


[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Angry Birds Epic” rev_body=”A new take on a popular franchise. It’s so new I’m not a fan, but perhaps with time it grows on you – watch out for the in-app purchases!” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2014-03-25″ user_review=”3″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]