When an old school mate and I decided we’d take our young sons camping it sounded like a load of fun. But then – the realisation that camping meant doing a lot more than just turning up and reception and asking for then room key – tent assembly has to be one of the most frustrating experiences of life. When Blackwolf suggested they had the product to solve that – I challenged them to prove it.

When I picked up the Blackwolf Turbo 240 I was firstly glad I wasn’t driving my little Mazda 2 – in its carry-bag this is one big item. Secondly, I scoffed at the suggestion I’d have it up in five minutes.

Blackwolf Turbo 240

Blackwolf Turbo 240

The Turbo 240 is a “four man” tent – but unlike what you might have seen as the traditional tent assembly with poles clipping together, feeding into the tent itself and propping the whole thing up – with the Blackwolf turbo range you’ve got a click and push and the whole thing is done.

Honestly, the instructions are simple. Lay it out, hammer the four corner pegs in – extend the four corner posts out and click them in place (when packed away they are folded like a “v” – then jump inside and push the roof up. Done. Four minutes. I kid you not.

SAM_9688Adding the fly over the top with the little awning out the front took a bit more time – but it’s all clips and velcro.

Making the simplicity even more obvious at every turn, the ropes that hold the awning posts in place are kept inside the fly itself – in small zipped pockets. Brilliant.


I took a video of our assembly, me with the Blackwolf and my mate Adam and his son with their more traditional tent. The results are clear.

It ain’t cheap – the Turbo 240 (canvas) has an RRP $1,399.99 and “Sleeps 4” – not sure how cosy that four would need to be, honestly three would be ok side by side.

But, if camping is your thing – and you’re doing it more than a few times a year – I can’t recommend this enough.

Oh, but with the size of this thing – make sure you’re camping close to the car-park. Our choice of “Little Beach” on the central coast – well, it’s a 700m walk up and down some serious hills – lugging this thing was a challenge:)