Only in the USA right?  A short-circuit stock car race seems a likely place for a fender bender.  So when two drivers collide and cause a yellow flag stoppage – you’d expect the drivers to get out and maybe share some feisty words – or maybe a bit of biffo.  In the USA it got nasty – real nasty.

In what looked to me like a pretty tame racing incident at the Bowman Gray speedway, Derek Stoltz in the number 02 car cops a clip from Scott Hall in the 54.

The drivers turn on each other – behind the wheel – they bash and crash into each other, even driving right across the infield with the other car in their sights.  Amazing to see – just amazing.

Rightly so, the drivers were in the arms of police after the event – plenty of people’s lives were put in danger in the infield at the very least by the actions of these fools.

Amazing video – you have to see it to believe it.

Source: Bangshift