Take-away food is nothing new, home delivery is nothing new.  Online grocery shopping has been around for a little while now, and the home chef revolution driven by reality TV is a recent phenomenon – so what’s this all got to do with anything?  Your Fork. A new Sydney startup is looking to bring the best of all those things to your door.


The scenarios are many and varied.  You’re at the office and realise you want to cook a decent meal tonight but don’t have time to go to the shops on the way home.  Perhaps you’re at home and just saw a great recipe but can’t duck out to the shops because the kids are in the bath and about to go to bed.  Or, you’re just downright lazy and want to take the thinking and leg-work out of finding a recipe and doing the shopping. Your Fork is for you.


photo 2 (2) (1)On the Your Fork website you can browse a range of existing recipes, or you can enter your own.  Once you decide what you are making for dinner, Your Fork creates a list of items required, you confirm which ones you need (perhaps you’ve already got milk) , and submit your order.

In your area, a York Fork personal shopper heads to the local supermarket and grabs all the required items.  Oh, and if you needed Milk or cereal they can get that for you as well.

All this can be delivered to your door within the hour, or at a time you choose.

While the major supermarkets have their online shopping services – which are great – they are big computer driven systems, which certainly don’t make a quick meal for tonight at short notice an easy thing.

If something you needed for your recipe isn’t available, Your Fork won’t just make a decision to get something else, they will call you and discuss what you want to do – even changing to a whole new recipe if you need.

photo 1 (1) (1)

It’s a genuine personal shopper for a purpose – and it means you don’t have to eat take-out just because you don’t have the ingredients.

Currently available in the inner-city area of Sydney and expanding as demand rises, if you love the idea – tell Your Fork and your suburb might come soon.