Forget Dry July or Octsober, when Movember comes round there’s one group of entrepreneurs looking to raise funds for Movember through a limited release craft beer – BeerBud’s Prickly Mo

Craft beer drinking is a mere 3.3% of Australia’s $6.7 billion beer market, but looks like it’s trending upward to follow the likes of the USA where it occupies 14% of the market and there’s a bunch of mates who’ve built a website all about selling craft beer –

Couch 1 (photo 2)

The lads have joined forces with Victorian craft brewery Prickly Moses to release a limited edition beer “BeerBud’s Prickly Mo” to help raise money for Movember.

All the profits from Prickly Mo will go to the Movember Foundation – which we all know is doing loads for men’s health in this country and around the world.

You can wet your whistle, lubricate your Mo and do it all while raising money for a good cause and checking out the taste of something new.

Get involved – head to the website to pre-purchase the limited release beer, or even hang out with head brewer Luke Scott – all part of a crowd funding campaign to raise $5,000.  Chip in, have a drink, and do some good – doesn’t get much better than that.