Sure the Prius is world-renowned as a flag bearer for Hybrid technology, and sure even Mitsubishi can pull off a plug-in electric hybrid (PEHV), but can you put that into one hell of a sexy package?  Lamborghini think so.


At the Paris Motor Show Lamborghini took the covers of a concept vehicle which according to the Italian company, offers superior power, daily drivability and comfort.  I’m sure happy to drive it for a few days to test that out.

The concept is a bit of a breakaway from traditional Lamborghini design, but still packs a powerful visual punch.


“Under the hood” is a 5.2l V10 combined with three electric motors to deliver a total of 669 kW/910 horsepower!

That should deliver a 0-100 time of three seconds, and a peak top speed of 320 k’s.


With an all new look there’s a mix of elegance, sex appeal and a clear tribute to the long heritage of Lamborghini.

Stunning right?