Vodafone continue to pump out the ideas with yet another partnership announced today to add value to their customers, while at the same time adding a new “Shared” plan concept to better serve families and couples.

Following the addition of Spotify and online newspaper subscriptions in recent months, Vodafone today announced they will soon be offering streaming service Stan. to customers also.

stanWhile details of the exact offer are not yet clear, EFTM understands existing Vodafone customers will be offered a free trial of Stan, while in the weeks ahead the Stan streaming offer will sit alongside the current Spotify and Fairfax offer which allows customers to choose a “complimentary access” to either Spotify or Fairfax for a set period during their contract. Stan would sit alongside those as another option.

It’s yet another strong push from Stan after launching last month as it prepares for the imminent local launch of global giant Netflix.

The second big news today was the announcement of Shared Data plans for Vodafone customers.


This news means that families with more than one Vodafone mobile account can pool their data for use across their devices.

Shared data is already available through Telstra and Optus, however the Vodafone concept takes aim directly at families, not just second devices.

With Vodafone a husband and wife can have a mobile phone each, on different Vodafone plans, and pool together their data for the most efficient use of the total limit, instead of one going over and one having data left on their plan as is often the case.

Data is the one place where Mobile users can save the most, but can also spend the most – with a real need for people to know their usage and get on a plan that suits. Vodafone’s data sharing should allow more families to avoid the additional costs of data while also getting the fullest value from their data inclusions.