ADULTS ONLY: New Tim Tam variety for Mum and Dad, not the kids

Australia loves a Tim Tam.  Arnott knows this, that’s why the plain old Tim Tam is just one variety available today, we’ve had Zumbo and others add a twist to the classic and it’s clearly working.  As part of their 150th Anniversary, there’s something for the Adults coming to Woolies – the Three Bean Tim Tam – EFTM has taken a nibble.


It’s simple.  Mix a Dark Chocolate Tim Tim with ground coffee beans, vanilla beans and cocoa beans and you’ve got a new aromatic sensation that will appeal to anyone who’s a coffee lover – and that’s 90% of us right?


It’s a limited time offer, available only at Woolworths while stocks last.


At the same time, you might see the big-red biscuit tin on sale.  It’s a collectors tin, designed as a modern take on the tins that my grandmother has around her kitchen and perhaps better still made to fit 2x250g Scotch Finger packs, and 200g of Nice Biscuits.  I won’t lie – that’s more appealing to me than the Tim Tam Three Bean:)

The Tim Tam Three Bean will set you back $3.49, while the Tin with biscuits is $10.

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