For the serious runner, the less you carry with you, the better. Sadly, carrying less means missing out on something, this product from Sony may mean you don’t need to make any sacrifices.

The Sony Smart B-Trainer is the all-in-one pair of earphones. They will play your music, track where you are running, count your steps, measure your heart rate, and even coach you on your run. The music stored on the 16GB of built-in storage is analysed and indexed to bring you the right tempo of music to match your running objective. If you have a target heart rate and you need encouragement, the B-Trainer will play more up tempo music and vice versa. After your run you can sync all the data to your smartphone and the B-Trainer app will allow you to dig very deep into your run data. Every detail of your run is captured and can be really studied for improvements or comparison.


The B-Trainer can also be used as a pair of bluetooth earphones and can be used to stream music from your phone instead of the device itself. If the phone rings you’ll be able to take the call on the B-Trainer too.

The B-Trainer is designed in a way that means it’ll never fall out of your ears or off your head. It is extremely light and comfortable to wear. One of the areas we disliked on this product is just how many buttons there are on the product. The buttons are all located on the ear pieces so you can’t see what you are pressing. We found them a little non-intuitive to use and confusing to understand whether it was logging or not.


The most interesting thing for me was to realise how much of a nomophobe I am. Being more than 1 meter from my phone just makes me very uncomfortable. This device is for someone who can leave their phone at home, go running for an hour and not be upset by a missed call or SMS. I am not that person. I love to go out and exercise but I will always take my phone. If I am carrying my phone then this product is overkill. You can buy plenty of simple bluetooth headphones that just stream your music. This one is unique in how much it can do on its own and will really satisfy the serious runners who want to carry as little as possible and analyse all their data when they get home.