After being announced back in September at the Apple Keynote in San Francisco alongside the iPad Pro and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus we’ve finally got pricing and availability for the latest Apple TV for Australia.

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The new Apple TV and the Old Apple TV

Strangely no details about the device’s availability or pricing were released prior to the device becoming available, leaving the die-hard fans who were keen to purchase simply waiting by their computer for a product they didn’t know when they could get, nor how much it would cost.  Only that it would be available to order on October 26 (US time).

With that date upon us, we now know that the new Apple TV will be available to Australians for $269 for the 32GB model and $349 for the 64GB model and if you get in early you can expect delivery this week!

The onboard storage in the new model is there for your App downloads and content for the apps, it’s not for storing music and songs – those will still be fully streamed online, however knowing how storage hungry many of the best games are there could be a need for the 64 in many households.


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The device is a real step up for Apple in the streaming set-top-box market replacing the simple and affordable $109 Apple TV we’ve known until now.

Unlike the Apple TV devices before it, the new Apple TV has an open operating system available to developers which allows apps to be produced and submitted for owners to then download from an Apple TV App Store.

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Previously, only organisations who had reached direct agreements with Apple had been able to develop Apps for the device and get listed.  With the new Apple TV operating system which is based on iOS there is a huge opportunity for App developers.  Games like Crossy Road can be built for the big screen to be controlled by the Siri Remote, with a new revenue stream for in-app purchases, and media apps for streaming content will come thick and fast.  Plus, who knows what else.


It looks the same as the previous Apple TV, and is only different by being 12mm taller, the biggest difference is the remote control.  Gone is that skinny little thing which while a design marvel, didn’t offer great navigation.

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The new “Siri Remote” has a swipe touch sensor allowing swipe navigation through the apps, and as the name suggests, Siri will be available so you can talk to your remote and have Siri help you find the content you want to watch.

If you’ve got a solid WiFi network at home, the new Apple TV now also supports the Wireless ac standard which offers better range and speeds which could solve many people’s streaming issues.

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Capable of Dolby 7.1 surround sound, there is a technical leap for the new Apple TV however it is a 1080p output not 4K which will disappoint some.

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The box contains a Lightning to USB Cable to charge the Siri Remote, similar to the new mouse and keyboard products Apple announced last week.

So, time to order if you’ve been hanging out.  At

The prices are steep, steeper than I had hoped or expected, but our Aussie dollar has not done us any favours