Having spent the last few months discounting it’s range of Phantom 3 drones, the leader in consumer drone technology DJI has today announced the latest version of it’s “flying camera” technology the Phantom 4.

0_0At $2399 it’s also DJI’s most expensive drone ever, but it is certainly a revolutionary leap forward in terms of technology.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 5.11.46 AM

Key to the new Phantom 4 is its “sense and avoid” technology which utilises four small on-board cameras, two facing forward two facing down – to “see” objects and avoid them.


The proof will be in the flying – and likely the crashing, but the concept is that it can basically fly autonomously. In fact a new flight mode allows you to simply tap an area on the controller screen and the drone will fly there.


Those cameras are also used to enable a new flight mode called “activetrack”. In this mode the Phantom 4 can identify an object on-screen and follow it – so if you’re running, walking, cycling, driving – the drone will follow that object.  This is a key feature in all flagship drones these days, but normally requires a tracking device like the controller or GPS bracelet.  The Phantom 4 will follow any object.


The camera lens is improved, as is the battery – the all-new battery will give you around 28 minutes flight time which is a big leap forward for pilots.


The body is redesigned, with a new polished shell, and higher motors to avoid getting those rotors in your footage.  It can travel faster and further – it appears to be a real leap forward for DJI.

We’ll test it out soon – but it looks the goods. Order Online today or at your local Drone specialist such as Sphere in Sydney