Coffee keeps the world going round. It is the substance that fuels us, drives us, and gets us through the day. Important conversations are had over coffee, whether it is positive or negative – doing so over a warm brew makes it all ok. Sometimes we drink it alone and sometimes it is done with others. Coffee is amazing with a side of cake, a biscuit, a pastry or even ice cream. A bad coffee can make or break this whole experience. It can turn that positive conversation into a negative one. It can ruin the start to our day and it can stop our world entirely.

Here are a few apps that will help ensure your coffee is the good and close by.



BeanHunter is perfect for when you are roaming a new city, country or suburb and need a hot fix. It shows you the cafes around you as well as plenty of reviews from people like yourself. It is the easiest way to know where to go for that coffee that won’t ruin your day.

Verace on Hey You

Hey You!

When this app was first released it was called Beat the Q (which we preferred) however the name isn’t important, it’s what it does for you that counts. Hey You is an app that will truly save you time. Within seconds of opening the app, Hey You will show you the nearest cafes and will allow you to place orders for coffee and small treats without the need for cash or coins. Hey You will put your order ahead of the people lining up at the cafe and your coffee will be ready before you even get there. What’s even better is that Hey You manages your loyalty cards too, so your tenth is free and you didn’t even know you’ve had so many.

nespresso mag

Nespresso Magazine

As mentioned earlier, sometimes we do take our coffee for one. Rather than staring at Facebook the entire time and living through others, take a look at the ultimate coffee companion made by a coffee company. The Nespresso magazine is free and it features amazing travel destinations, interviews and great reads for your coffee break. Similar to the Qantas magazine that we all flick through on a flight, this is much less advertorial and perfectly suited to a coffee break.