Jura is not new in the coffee machine marketplace. Just last year we tested the A9, an all in one machine that could help you make any coffee at the touch of a button. The new Z6 from Jura is in a sentence, very similar. There are some areas though that have changed quite a bit.


The Jura Z6 is not for your Nespresso pods, it is the real deal, taking coffee beans, grounding them and pushing hot water through it to create a coffee you’d expect at a cafe. The Z6 is extremely easy to setup and place in your kitchen. In our opinion it shouldn’t be hid away either, it’s a wonderful looking appliance that deserves to be seen.


Some of the differences of the Z6 to the A9 are around design and ease of use. The Z6 stores the water on the side, it is easy to access, remove and refill. The beans are poured in from a large lid on the top and screen with buttons is on the front. Adding the beans in, the water and plugged it into power is all rather too easy.


One feature that we appreciate but don’t love is every time the machine is turned on, it rinses the system. Every time it turns off or goes into standby, it rinses the system. While we appreciate that cleaning the machine is important, it means two things; we need to have a cup on standby to catch the rinse each time and it delays our coffee from starting. Sure we could let the machine rinse into the drip tray but then emptying that is more of a hassle than tipping out the cup.


On the coffee side, the user interface is just so simple. Select the coffee you desire and the machine fires into action. In the EFTM kitchen we favour an espresso in the morning and it’s a very simple process. Fortunately, the spout for the Z6 can rise and lower to suit the size of your cup, this is great for espresso where you want the spout low. The Jura Z6 will take a few seconds to grind the beans required and start your morning brew, the Jura A9 left us a little disappointed by the creaminess of the espresso, the Z6 has only improved slightly. What we mean by this is that espresso should be of a thicker consistency. The all in one machines seem to struggle to achieve the perfect espresso. Now, for other coffee style drinkers such as cappuccino or latte this is not going to impact you whatsoever. The ease of producing a cappuccino in the Z6 will make you laugh at your complaining espresso friend. If your heart is in the short black world then we would steer you in the direction of the Breville Oracle.

A feature that is new to the Jura Z6 is wireless connectivity. Yep, sitting from the other side of the room you can control your coffee machine to make any coffee you like. Just make sure you have your cup sitting there ready! This is a nice feature to have but unlikely one you’ll use everyday. The main reason being that you still need to go to the machine to turn it on… let it rinse… then place your cup… walk away… show off with your phone queueing the machine to make your coffee… walking back to the machine to collect it. At dinner parties though, it’s worth it.


The coffee machine is an appliance likely more important than the microwave in most households. It can be the first thing you look at and appreciate in the morning. A good coffee machine is as important as good coffee beans. The combination of the two is magic. The Jura Z6 is going to be that saviour for anyone looking for the easiest cappuccino or  perfectly portioned latte. We love the design and ease of use. For espresso drinkers, your money still may be better spent elsewhere.