The majority of Australians are operating on a monthly cost for their mobile phone, be that on a contract, prepaid or SIM Only deal – it’s assumed your telco will cost a certain amount each month. But what if you just want to receive calls? Or you don’t need your phone for a while but don’t want to lose your number?

ALDI Mobile have had some good 365 expiry options for some time, and now Amaysim is getting in on the action, extending their “As you go” deal from 90 days to 365 days.

Put just $5 down, and you’ll get a SIM card which you can use to get an all new number (for the kids?) or move your existing phone number over to Amaysim.  That $5 sits as credit on your account and won’t expire for a whole year.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.19.52 AM

Any call you make will cost 12c per minute, any text you send will cost 12c.  Data is available too, but seriously, if you need data, get a monthly plan:)

This is great for people who really don’t want a phone, but know they need to be contactable – you don’t pay to receive calls, so it’s $5 for the year and anyone you want can call or text you.

Simple deal, cheap.