Today if you were to go surfing there is a good chance you’ll have something important left on the beach. We’ve all gotten very good at tucking our wallet into the toe section of our shoes so our credit cards are safe… right?

Alternatively, you go for a run, you want to take as little with you as possible yet you plan on making a purchase on the way back. What are you going to carry?

Sound familiar?


Inamo CEO, Peter Colbert

We met with CEO of Inamo recently and found a really simple solution to these burdens that force you to carry your credit card or Android Pay/Apple Pay enabled devices. Peter Colbert invented a product called the CURL after a session of surfing, he went to the beach empty handed, wanted to buy a coffee afterwards but couldn’t.

The CURL is a really small rubber case holding an NFC payment chip. It has two loops which allow it to thread onto any watch or wrist band. If you own a Rolex, it can now be equiped to make payments. If you own a Garmin fitness tracker, it can now be equiped to make payments.



The CURL is configured like a normal credit card for payments under $100 using Tap n Go or payments even higher using a normal PIN. Like any other credit or debit card it can also be used for purchases online using the provided digits. Your CURL is entirely controllable via your smartphone, if you lose the CURL you’ll be able to immediately disable it.

Peter has big plans for the CURL beyond payments, he is working on other tap related products used in public transport and building access to name a few. The thought of being able to carry just the CURL to catch the bus to work, buy your coffee and swipe into the office is pretty special and we cant wait to see it launch.

The CURL will ship in January and can be preordered now for $19.99 with an account keeping fee of $5 a month from