Garmin today announced the Approach X10 for the Australian market – it’s a GPS golf band but in the size of a more traditional fitness tracker.

Priced at $249 and available in February, this wearable takes the smarts of the many Garmin GPS Golf watches and packs them into a thinner wearable band.

With over 41,000 golf courses pre-loaded onto the device, your wrist worn golf band knows where you are right down the the hole you’re standing on.

You can see distances to the front back and middle of the green as well as Hazards on the touch-screen display.

“The Approach X10 is a simple and intuitive band perfect for beginners just starting to learn the game, or for avid golfers who want a fundamental golf band used exclusively on the course,” said Adam Howarth, General Manager Garmin Australasia. “Even if you’ve never played the course before, the Approach X10 will give you the tools to swing with confidence.”

In an effort to create a community around the Garmin Golf product users, the Approach X10 also links into the Garmin Golf app which allows you to compete in weekly leaderboard competitions at any golf course.

You’ll get 12 hours battery life in GPS mode so it needs a charge every game, but will last a few days tracking and as a watch outside of GPS usage.