Today Nespresso have announced a new machine to add to their line-up. This new machine, named the Lattissima One, is an all-in-one machine meaning that the cappuccino is one button away with zero work to froth your milk.

In a world where things are only getting more complicated, it is so great to see our morning brew becoming simpler. The new Lattissima One can produce a normal espresso but also your latte with just the right amount of milk, which you can program the amount, set and forget. This is so handy for getting the perfect coffee in the mug you regularly use.

The all-in-one machine is made possible with a single machine which still takes the original sized pods but also has a 120ml milk container which you can keep in the fridge or just fill it as you need to. Given the container is 120ml it likely is for a single use if you’re a latte lover.

The machine will fire up in 25 seconds, gives you three options for your coffees, two for coffee and one for the milk size and let the machine do the rest. It’ll dump the pod into it’s bin up to eight times before needing to be emptied and will automatically switch off in nine minutes of none use.

The Nespresso Lattissima One is available from today for $399 in Silky White and Mocha Brown.