The EFTM kitchen has seen coffee machines of every shape and size, capsule machines and traditional bean brewers. For many out there the likes of Nespresso have always offered simplicity and straight forward coffee without much more than a push of a button. The latest from Nespresso is the Lattissima One from Delonghi and like others, this one follows the ethos of being simple and classy.

The Lattissima One is focused on being a machine that can cover you from espresso to latte. This is thanks to a small milk addition that can be filled enough to cover you for a cappuccino or a latte. The machine itself operates in the same way other Nespresso machines do; fill the water tank, open the hatch, drop your favourite capsule and push the button that suits your coffee.

If you lean towards the black in your coffee varieties then you simply leave the milk container empty. If you’ve chosen to make a milk coffee then be aware that the Lattissima One will use all of the contents so ensure you only put as much milk as you want to end up in your cup or mug. This turned out to be a good learning for multiple reasons. Firstly, if you want to make a macchiato then this is now achievable. Or if you have someone who likes a weak latte then you can go heavy on the milk.

The great thing here compared to what have seen in prior machines that perhaps use a jug style milk frother is actually the time. End to end you won’t need to wait long to produce a cappuccino from the Lattissima One. It all happens very quickly and all you did was push a button.

With the milk attachment you will enjoy a cappuccino or latte very quickly, what you won’t enjoy however is the cleaning process that follows. The contraption that helps suck the milk in, warm it, froth it and push it into your mug is something that should be cleaned properly after each use, milk can really stink and is likely unhygienic if not cleaned after each use.

The Lattissima One is made by Delonghi and the styling is rather untraditional for them. Generally producing classic looking machines, this is going to sit well in a very modern looking kitchen, styled in a similar manner.

When we consider the price of this machine at $399 (here)we would also recommend the Nespresso Creatista, it’s a more classic style coffee machine which looks and functions in different ways for a tad more money due to recent price reductions. All in all, you’ll be getting a great Nespresso machine that in typical fashion, produces many styles of coffee with the push of a button, no cafe experience required.