If you live outside of Sydney, feel free to laugh at us dopes who cop the following. Tolls on our motorway’s are going up yet again today, not unusual but there’s a twist. Just yesterday the Epping to Chatswood rail line was shut down allowing for upgrades for the new Sydney Metro Northwest Metro line.

Buses will replace trains for however long the upgrade takes but being a car city, you’d assume thousands will also take the car. As of October 1, tolls are up on the M2 and the Lane Cove Tunnel, basically between Epping and Chatswood.

Here’s what you’ll be slugged, not just on the M2 but all motorway’s in Sydney.

M5 Southwest

Car $4.71, Truck $14.14

Hills M2

Car $7.38, Truck $22.13

Eastern Distributor

Car $7.46, Truck $14.92

WestLink M7

Car $8.11, Truck $24.33

Lane Cove Tunnel

Car $3.32, Truck $10.36

Military Road E-Ramp

Car $1.66, Truck $5.18

Cross City Tunnel Car

Car $5.72, Truck $11.44

The NSW Government Opposition estimates 20,000 will be forced onto buses or into cars as a result of the railway line closure.

The Shadow Minister for Roads Jodi McKay said, “It’s an unfortunate oversight by the government to have the train line shut down occur at the same time as tolls going up across the city.

“I hope that this transition for commuters is as smooth as possible, but I fear there will be increased traffic congestion and frustration.

“The government needs to assure the community that all the road upgrades needed for this closure have been completed.”

Sydney, the jewel of Australia. NOT!