About bloody time I hear you say… Well, when we told you back in December it was coming I said that hell had not frozen over – instead, its a new leaf that’s been turned by the bank.

Despite wanting desperately to launch Apple Pay before Christmas, the engineers at the Commonwealth erred on the side of caution and waited until the transaction rush was over and chose today to launch the Apple based digital payment system to customers.

Now, any Commonwealth Bank customer with a valid card can add their CommBank account to their “Apple Wallet” and begin the tap and go Joy that is ApplePay.

It works on all iPhones since the 6, and on the Apple Watch. You can tap your phone or watch in stores, and use your phone or Mac to authorise payments online too.

While it’s taken years, and some serious heartache in the relationship between Apple and the Bank, this is a massive win for CommBank customers, who number in their millions with the CommBank being our biggest bank.

So – there you go, enjoy – to get started, simply open the “Wallet” app on your iPhone and press the + sign to Add your card. It’s a short, easy process and you’ll thank me once it’s done.

Angus Sullivan, Group Executive of Retail Banking Services, said: “Following the commitment we made to Commonwealth Bank customers in December, I’m delighted to announce that Apple Pay is available from today.

“We’re continuing to make mobile banking and payments simpler and easier for our customers with the launch of Apple Pay, alongside the CommBank app, rated number one in Australia and number three globally.

In 2019, customers can expect us to continue listening, innovating, and providing the best possible experiences when they bank with us,” said Mr Sullivan.

Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Internet Services said: “We are excited to welcome Commowealth Bank customers to Apple Pay, the number one mobile contactless payment service worldwide. Customers can now take advantage of the speed, convenience and security that Apple Pay offers when making payments on the Apple devices they love to use every day.”