It’s a product that sits in the almost forgotten category of the Apple range, but in fact it’s an important one for the company as a stepping stone for their youngest users upward into the big game.

The iPod Touch is the only product left carrying the classic iPod name, and in essence, it’s a mini iPhone without the mobile capabilities. No SIM card, no phone number – it’s just the same look and feel with iOS but without the Phone app.

My kids use theirs for gaming and messaging primarily – because with iMessage anyone with an iOS device can be contacted – so their friends, and parents are always a quick message away.

Sure, most of the messages are just poo emoji’s, but it still warms your heart.

Today Apple announced an updated version of the iPod Touch with new guts and power.

The A10 Fusion Chip means a new level of gaming performance – something your kids are probably keen on as apps get updated but the old iPod Touch gets left behind lagging.

Augmented Reality experiences are possible because of that power upgrade, meaning some of the coolest experiences are available in the lightest and smallest screened device Apple make.

And for those who love to Facetime – the new iPod Touch is now capable of Group FaceTime – so I can call my whole family in one conversation – that’s going to be interesting!

As for the price, here’s how Apple see it: “We’re making the most affordable iOS device even better with performance that is twice as fast as before, Group FaceTime and augmented reality starting at just RRP AU$299,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Product Marketing. “The ultra-thin and lightweight design of iPod touch has always made it ideal for enjoying games, music and so much more wherever you go.” 

That $299 gives you just 32GB of storage, speaking as someone who went cheap, it’s a good lesson for kids on managing storage, but it can be frustrating.

When you step up the pricing, 128GB is $449 and 256GB is $599 – kinda seems logical just to start looking at iPads at that point, but – every user is different.

They’re on sale online at Apple now, and in store in the coming week or so.