There can be nothing more inconvenient than running out of juice when it comes to phones, laptops and tablets. There are plenty of power banks on the market but few offer the multiple talents the Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD has. 

Each port on the 100PD is rated at 60W and overall the battery packs a massive 25,600mAh capacity. That’s enough to charge the average tablet up to four times, or a laptop twice. Better still you won’t have any drama taking it onto a plane, as it’s carry-on approved.

The Goal Zero Sherpa has both USB-A and USB-C ports plus features a wireless QI charging pad that will allow a phone to be charged up to 8 times, cable free.

Charging the Goal Zero’s Sherpa 100PD itself takes just three hours or 3-5 hours via a 12V car adapter. 

If you’re a camper a compatible solar panel such as the Nomad 28Plus, will do it over 7 to 14 hours. 

It weighs just 635g and isn’t overly big. The Goal Zero Sherpa retails for $299.00.

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