Not all of us can get to the Bradman Museum, or the SCG and MCG archives of amazing sporting memorabilia, images and stories. Now, it’s available online via an initiative from Google’s Arts & Culture team.

30 different collections of Aussie sporting history are combined into the one online exhibition and there’s something for everyone.

In just a short time browsing I found myself immersed in a deep history of Australia, built around our love for sport.

As a rev head I clicked quickly on the National Motor Museum and found some stunners.

Thinking I’d move away from Motorsport I followed some links to Iconic venues, landing at Melbourne’s Olympic Park precinct.

Amazingly, I learned this morning that before the MCG and other venues, there was a motor-racing circuit on that very site.

Overall there are 11,000 archived images and videos, and some 100 or more original stories from the various collections.

Google used their “Art Camera” technology, taking it to the various sporting institutions and collections capturing over 200 pieces of art, artefacts and more in high-resolution gigapixel quality.

To draw you further in, Steve Waugh takes you on a tour of the Bradman Museum, showing some stunning close up photos of Bradman’s bat, and a video series offering an insight into his work and memories.

Set aside some time, it’s an impressive collection and could lead you down a rather enjoyable rabbit-hole.