Boy oh boy have times changed. And business has to change with it. Given we can’t be heading out for entertainment, nor can we be close together in virtual combat in a VR experience, Aussie VR entertainment company Freak FR are launching an in-home experience like no other.

After launching their first VR “Arcade” in Sydney’s West late last year, Freak Entertainment have switched gears to offer their amazing VR equipment for in-home rental.

For $299, you get five days rental – including the delivery and pickup of the gear.

The service includes the VR hardware you need, the PC you need and over 30 games and titles to explore.

They’re calling it “Freak in a Box” – Genius.

Kim Hopwood, Co-Founder of Freak says “Virtual reality has long been available for people at home, however can still be cost prohibitive for many”

“We’re launching this service in a time of need. We hope FREAK in a Box will help bring excitement with a huge range of games and assist those families currently home schooling with engaging educational experiences enjoyed safely in peoples’ homes.”

Available in Sydney – the service is operated via online bookings, much like the original location based system was – just that now, they bring it to you!

Games include Half Life: Alyx, Beat Saber, Pistol Whip and Arizona Sunshine. There are also educational titles like space discovery, science travel, and history.

When it’s all over for you, the system is picked up, cleaned, sterilised and checked that it’s ready for the next rental.

And to be clear, the system you rent is not backpack based like the ones I experienced with the kids at the launch in December, and it’s a single unit only – but trust me, it’s fun!

Available Now: Freak VR